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Give Practice Drum Sets and Pads to Encourage a Love of Music

The holidays are upon us, and searching for that perfect gift just got a little more stressful as the time ticks away.  There are few presents that are as memorable as those that encourage a love for music, especially those that also encourage the study and exploration of musical talent. While many musicians may seem hard to shop for, there are some standard items that anyone with an interest Read More

Adams Percussion and Drums

Adams Musical Instruments is a company known for a world-class and unrivaled range of percussion instruments.  Their first music shop was opened in the Netherlands in the 1970s and they have since become an international musical instrument sensation.  Founded by André Adams, a musician who began his career repairing wind instruments, the Adams name has become synonymous with high quality and Read More

Giving the Gift of Drums this Season

The holidays are a perfect time for two things: giving gifts and starting something new. With our beginner drum sets, you can do both! New Year’s resolutions are typically a time for bringing new habits and hobbies into your life. Well, this year, you can start with something that is pleasing to everyone. This year, you can bring in the new habit and hobby of drumming!  In order to do that Read More